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    Friends, I'm Matt McKinley - Quantum of Conscience. I have never taken a penny in ad revenue from Youtube in almost 10 years. I consider it dirty money. I have no "Patreon Account." Would you consider a small "monthly" recurring Paypal donation so I can continue to do this?

    This supports the making of videos and podcasts. I have published more than 500 videos over the years with 8 of the 10 years not asking for a single donation. I can no longer afford to do that and ask for your support in keeping this going. It's easy to set up a small, recurring donation. Thank you!

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    I plan to keep the YT channel going as long as I can but it's just a matter of time before Youtube takes me out. For you to continue to get the podcast in 2021 (if anything happens) will be simple. I am collecting email addresses now at www.nohobocode.com Because we are losing the YouTube platform I will need to collect a small monthly amount to keep this going that won't be more than $5. Those who can't pay will still get the podcasts. There won't be any more video, just audio podcasts but WON'T IT BE GREAT TO SPEAK FREELY! **** My contact info is the next icon over... Thank you. Matt

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    Matt McKinley

    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    E-mail: teapartycinema@gmail.com
    Guys, this is an old mailbox when I believed elections were real.

    It's just a matter of time before YouTube take out this channel. Please see the icon just before this one that will explain how I can email you up to 4 weekly podcasts. They will have to be mp3 files as video files would be too large to email!